Thursday, 11 August 2011

Motorcycho in stock!

We're not in the business of selling other people's mags, however much we love them, but we've made an exception with Motorcycho.
Motorcycho is from Canaduh and pretty hard to get in Europe. It's the original lame ass biker zine.
This 38-page issue has the tale of Billy's road trip to see cult garage punk band The Mummies; The Man Wolfs; vintage hillclimbing; instro-heroes the James T Kirks; a history of mini bike racing; low budget dirt track racing; Bozosuko gangs; choppers and stuff. The best thing about #25 is the sheet of lick'n'stick interactive stickers to paste through the mag. Genius.
Get yours here.

Post is free if ordered with anything else.

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Jeremy Melling said...

Arrived this morning, brilliant.