Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sideburn 9: Pre-Order now

Sideburn issue 9 is at the printers. It'll be back next week. It's a goodie. 100 pages like last time, but even more to read.
We have new Rollerburn T-shirts too. If you're coming to Rollerburn we'll be doing offers on these shirts (as long as they don't sell out beforehand). If you're not coming to Rollerburn, but would like one, order away! We never put T-shirts in the sale. They always sell out.
Anything you order with issue 9 will be sent at the same time as the mag, next Wednesday. OK?
Order yours through the Sideburn webshop
Thanks Gary, Ben and Mick

UPDATE: I forgot to say the killer cover shot is by Troy Critchlow and is of Scotty Stopnik.
Rollerburn on the back
Rollerburn on the back


Mick P said...

You know what? I'm ready to read it all again.

Anders said...

Looking forward to see it! Still can't remember whether I've paid the subscription or not.

Harley said...

Waiting by the letter box!