Monday 1 November 2021

The contents of SB47 spans 78 years of dirt track metal. From 1943 we have a wilfully period incorrect H-D WLA flathead, now raced in the Midwest, but once A. Lived in Russia, B, Belonged to Jon Bon Jovi.

In the modern corner we have an exclusive first test on the Royal Enfield FT Twin, a bunch of AFT twins and singles, with their riders, and a big feature on Trevor Brunner's gorgeous Turner Racing CRF450. In the middle is a rare Wood Honda monoshock framer and our own Yamaha MX250 vintage two-stroke. We have road bikes too, and they couldn't be more different - Icon have served up a 124cu in, S&S-powered Original Sin, and our art ed has a Mutt 125 on test.

But it's not all bikes - we have portfolio of our favourite artist, DSC - Death Spray Custom, and report from events dating back from 1967 to late-2021, with photos you've never seen before.


COVER: Royal Enfield Twin FT

BIKES: Royal Enfield Twin FT; Wood Honda CRF450 framer; 1943 Harley-Davidson WLA racer; Turner Racing AFT Honda CRF450; 1974 Yamaha MX250 short tracker; Mutt Razorback 125; Honda FTR223; Icon Homemade Sin*;

PEOPLE: Jared Mees, James Monaco, Michael Hill, Bryan Smith, Clayton Williams, Dan Bromley, Nick Armstrong; Ezra Brusky; Davis Fisher; Jesse Janisch; Morgen Mischler; Robert Pearson; Trevor Brunner; Dallas Daniels; Steve Lucero; Geoff Co-Built

INTERVIEW: James Monaco

PORTFOLIO: The art of DSC (Death Spray Custom)

EVENT: The Sacramento Mile; The Malle Mile; Lodi Cycle Bowl 'Night Before The Mile' short track; 1968 Arena Park Scrambler, Missouri

PAGES: 116



Sunday 11 April 2021

Sideburn 44: Out Now

We're not sure if there are still any lurkers out there for this old Sideburn blog, but if there are, we have a new issue out. It's March 2021 and we're now up to issue 44. 

We created a photography special, including memorable images from 50 photographers around the world, and our subscribers are loving it. 

Visit the Sideburn Shop to order. 

And if you still love reading blogs, head to Sideburn's new one, that is still updated nearly every day. It's over at

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Sideburn blog lives!

Just not at this address...

There are going on for 1000 posts ready and waiting for you at Sideburn's new blog. Recent posts including St Mert and brass rubbing; Serge Gainsbourg and imaginary aftershave adverts, loads of European flat track; regular thoughts on American Flat Track and the art of women's football. Really...

Head over to

Monday 7 January 2019

Sideburn 35 OUT NOW

Sideburn 35 is out now.

COVER: Steph Bolam on the Rebels Alliance SR500 Rough Diamond 

BIKES: Rebels Alliance SR500 Rough Diamond; Lloyd Brothers AFT Ducati 821 Twin; Fuller Moto Ducati Pro Street Tracker; Royal Enfield Interceptor 650; Sur Les Chapeaux de Roues Honda CRF450; Durex Suzuki GSX-R750: Harley Sportster 1200 Hooligan racer; Newbold Yamaha XS650 dirt bike: Honda XR75 mini flat tracker; Bultaco Astro; River Rat C and J Kawasaki 650 AFT Twin 

PEOPLE: Brandon Robinson; Kevin Atherton; Wilbur Skipp; Joy Lewis 

INTERVIEW: Brandon Robinson 

HOW TO: Spanner like a pro with Brent Armbruster 

EVENTS: Bultaco Astro Cup, Atlanta; Swank Rally, Terminal 1, Italy 

ADVENTURE: In South Africa with Motosafari 

PAGES: 116

Just £6 plus post. Order from


This issue is also available in digital form for £2.50. Go to Sideburn Digital ISSUU


Tuesday 4 September 2018

Sideburn 34: Out Now

We venture into the deserts of California, Mexico and South Africa to test the mettle of our contributors. Old bikes are ridden not hidden, and inappropriate machinery is raced through 1000 miles of wilderness  proving the adage that it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

SB34 also features McQueen's very own Huskie; a new regular column from Death Spray Custom, an interview with the toughest woman in flat track; follows a group of female high school students building a budget race bike and serves up an LSD-fueled report from Wheels and Waves El Rollo race. Yes, really.


COVER: Hayden Roberts and his Triumph TR6 desert sled
BIKES: Triumph TR6 desert sled; Harley Sportster 883 Baja racer; Steve McQueen's On Any Sunday Husqvarna 400 Cross; High School project Honda CB160 flat tracker; Survivor Customs CCM Rotax racers;
PEOPLE: Sandriana Shipman; John Harrison; Chuck Joyner
INTERVIEW: Johnny Lewis
HOW TO: Build Your Own Flat Track
BLUEPRINT: Jawa 500 DT Type 890
SHOP: Rebels Alliance
EVENTS: X Games; Wheels and Waves; Sons of Speed banked oval racing; Vancouver Flat Track, Pemberton, BC;
ADVENTURE: 1000 miles through Baja on a Sportster; deep into South Africa on Royal Enfield 500s;
PAGES: 116

Saturday 21 April 2018

Indian FTR1200 on Ice

Go to to see more of Brad Baker having fun on this studded muffin.

Thursday 8 March 2018

Sideburn 32 - OUT NOW

Sideburn 32 is the greatest issue of Sideburn ever created. A thudding wodge of motorcycle stimulation and illumination that crackles with fun and good ideas.

It's perhaps our most diverse issue ever. Obviously the 116 pages of thick, gloss paper is crammed with motorcycles, but they range from pro flat tracker, through backwoods backflip 450s and ice racing Yamaha XSR900s to heavyweight street trackers, plus a dose of long distance adventure touring on dinky 125s in a FREE 16-page supplement created in conjunction with Tom Bing. There's also art, architecture, poetry and racing advice. We couldn't pack another atom of goodness into it.

COVER: Yamaha XS650 Framer with Lucia Aucott

BIKES: Yamaha XS650 Framer; See See Harley-Davidson XL1200 Roadster Street Tracker; OMT Garage Yamaha XSR900 SnowQuake racer; BSA Hornet; Honda CRF450 hillclimber; Honda 650 sand racer 

PEOPLE: Jeffrey Carver; Oliver Brindley; Lucia Aucott; Skip Aksland; Lynn Griffis

HOW TO: Win a Hooligan Championship

PORTFOLIO: The art of Sami Graystone

MOVIE: Akira

SHOP: Deus Ex Machina, Milan

EVENTS: Nine Years of Portland One Moto Show; Travis at the Land’s End Hillclimb

ADVENTURE: LA-Barstow-Vegas on classic Brits; Chile to San Francisco surf safari on Honda XR150s

PAGES: 116 + 16-page supplement

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Blog 4 Life

We know, we know, you don’t like change. Yes, all the posts used to be on a black background, then Sideburn changed it and now they put them all on a white background. Well, get over it and head to the NEW SIDEBURN BLOG, because it’s got everything you loved about this one, plus it’s viewable on ‘mobile devices’ and it’s in one place with all our other Sideburn goodness – like our magazine archive, video repository, stockists details, events page, Stories directory...

So head over to and start leaving comments. What are you, some kind of cyber Luddite? That doesn’t even make sense and you know it. You can't be hooked up to a wi-fi drip and backward at the same time, can you? See you over at the new blog!

Thursday 23 November 2017

Sideburn 31

116 pages of sweet-smelling, hold in your hands and forget about the world goodness. Plus our first ever supplement, a 16-page report from the MotoBeach Classic created in conjunction with Enginethusiast. BUY NOW

COVER STAR: Riccardo Chiosi and Mestiza II

BIKES: Yamaha framer TZ750 street tracker; Bultaco Sherpa/Pursang short tracker; Indian FTR750; Indian FTR1200 concept; Wood Africa Twin; Vibrazioni 'Raticosa' Ducati 749 street tracker; Tredici Customs Suzuki DR600; 'Article 58' Jawa 500/Ariel hillclimber/sprinter; Honda 650 beach racer 

EVENTS: AFT finale at Perris Auto Speedway; MotoBeach Classic HOW TO: Make the best of a back row start by Cory Texter

PEOPLE: Shayna Texter; Johnny Lewis; Chad Cose; Ron Wood; Bryan Villella; Vivian Chadbourne

PORTFOLIO: The art of Menze Kwint


ADVENTURE: Slab City and off-grid America by Dave Bevan

PAGES: 116 + 16-page supplement


Monday 23 October 2017


The Sideburn blog is still ripping up trees with a few mega posts at its new home.
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