Monday, 26 December 2016

Buy Magazines, Learn Stuff

It's been a while since I used a post to remind visitors that the whole point of this blog, and the website and everything else we do, is about selling more of this gorgeous magazine.  We're magazine people.

We've been publishing the magazine since 2008 and the new issue is the best ever. Why? Good question. Well...

  • We were one of only a handful of magazines in the world to be invited to ride the brand new Indian FTR750, the day after its competitive debut at the Santa Rosa Mile. 
  • Michael Lock, the CEO of American Flat Track, gave us an exclusive interview on the future of the pro sport. 
  • That wasn't the only exclusive, Bryan Smith, the 2016 Grand National Champ sat down with us too.
  • UK-based clothing designer, Russ Gater of TSPTR wrote a fascinating story on how Peanuts helped kickstart the motocross trend in the US, give light relief to US conscripts in Vietnam and move on the women's rights movement. 
  • We have tips from UK flat track champ, Alan Birtwistle on how to win a championship with next to no back-up or support.
  • Road legal grasstracker as your first ever bike? If your name's Marnie and you're a 20-year-old woman from London.
  • Deus Ex Machina big cheese, Julian Heppekausen writes about his Mexican 1000 off-road race. 
  • Our portfolios alternate between photographers and artist/illustrators. This issue is the turn of French postermeister, Lorenzo Eroticolor. 
  • British bike builders Redmax have had a few different appearances in the mag, they're back in SB27 with a Ducati 749 street tracker.
  • Don Galloway gives up some of the secrets of a giant-killing Honda 350 framer.
  • Regular contributor Dave Bevan rides his Royal Enfield into the DIY squatted skatepark he helped build. He took a photographer with him too
  • Adam of Speed Deluxe tells us how he built a bike - frame and all - in nine days, then drove 2000 miles to enter a bike show.
  • There's an update on the Sideburn Sportster Hooligan bike. 
  • A shop focus on The Bike Shed, London
  • Trophy Queen featuring super Skip Aksland
  • Plus artwork by Toria Jaymes and Ryan Quickfall, the leftfield wisdom of Guy Martin and poetry from Pikes Peak hero Travis Newbold.

This is not a magazine chucked together with a few badly written, misspelled emails and crap phone photos. It is full of thousands and thousands of words. This isn't a pitiful excuse for journalism that just regurgitates press releases and believes everything it's told. Sideburn is a proper motorcycle magazine, one that thinks differently, searches out stories and goes its own way.

Do us a favour, while you do yourself a favour and buy a Sideburn magazine.

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Unknown said...

Interesting comment from Micheal Lock about American Flat Track coming to Denver. "So were going to Phoenix, Arizona; Oklahoma City; Southern California; Denver." All of those other cities are on the 2017 schedule. I'm curious if he meant to include Denver in places they are exploring or something is still in the works.