Thursday, 10 April 2008

1977 XR750 ready to race in the UK

From our mate Steve Hillary, who lives in the sarf of England and runs a fancy Ducati dealership.

‘I was a bit narked that I couldn’t get to race short track last year and still only have a half built bike , so… I went out and bought a real live XR750 Hardly movin'son , been refreshed but stored
for 12 years! 1977 vintage.
‘Got it home, stripped it out to have a look, emptied out the gloop of R40 inside put some cheap oil in and warmed the cases for a couple of hours while I stripped the carbs and clutch, primed the oil pump turned her over on the crank nut about 100 revs till I had oil pressure to the rockers, fitted the new battery n plugs, checked spark, ran down the hill and bumped the bitch into life!
‘Boy was it loud. Two open mega without the lunch box on. Sweet music tho.
Did two laps of the village with no lid on, just the wind in my quiff , came in and changed the oil and had a cup of tea .
That’s what I call a perfect day!’


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