Wednesday, 23 April 2008

King Kirk

A message from one of our MySpace friends. Go see him race if you're in the vicinity. And then send us photos, please.

Greeting from Kansas
...where they have been flat tracking motorcycles for over 100 years now.
..allow me to interduce myself.. the one and only "king kirk" (racing moniker). shameless self promoter. I have been riding motorcycles since the days when you could still buy a "good running" H-D for well under $2000. My first machine was a almost new 74 XLCH ironhead. Lady luck soon put me onto a nice 72 FX bigtwin.. sweet.. then on to a 80" flathead i got a deal on in california. that was when i started goin to the races.. Ascot park was down the street and i was watchin the likes of gary nixon , springer in his prime and the up n coming scotty parker..Carr was not born yet i believe, after years of watchin i made the desicion to try and see if i could do it myself... so. i ripped the runnin boards and kickstand off the flathead 80, after the heat. and drove into turn i in the am open twin class in a nftradotcom race in kansas a few years ago. the old hog was not to fast, butt. the girls loved me.. next machine up was an x#1 pro bike a 650 yamaha ina staracer frame.. fast on the cam but dang harleys and 750 triumphs were eating me up on the 1/2 mile...soooo
...the reason i am here.
..2 fellows in the kansas city area built a machine
..i of em used to race back in ba early 70's, and he searched out his old bike he had sold years back... a 750 norton ina red line frame. him n his ole bud, an engine builder, got togather ..and decided they had enough parts to build a racer.. took a cammando frame, set it beside the red line and modified it to red line specs. built up a fresh P11 lower end with a rebuile lucas mag, hooked it up to a stock cammando top end and installed his original old lectron carbs and ... .i found it on flea-bay... will have to say. the fab work and detail on this machine amazes me, and my tuner .. cockeye willis of the infamouse "go away garage" fame , who is an accomphished fab guy in his own right... rode it to cassiody, ks last sunday without a hitch, untill the fuzz snagged me anyway.. (another phuckin story)) put arond 100 miles on it with no problem... anyway sure i will be needing help as the last motor i went thru was a 1938 H-D ULH...
wish me luck as i am ready to hit the track the 25th of this month at wichita kansas's 81 speedway 3/8 mile dirt track. the next night is a short track at wichita's jeeps motorcycle club..
. free beer in the pits after the race.. .everybody's welcome .. you guys say
"go fast turn left"

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see you at the races!