Thursday, 1 May 2008

Ducati street tracker

Don't know much about the artist/visionary behind this except he's Italian, his name is Oberdan Bezzi, he's excellent and he's prolific.
This is his 1000cc Ducati Street Tracker. Be pretty easy to replicate in real life. Let us know if you do.
Check out Obiboi's work at
(Sorry I can't work out how to put in addresses so you can click them)


Mick_P said...

You should be able to click this:

Mick_P said...

Oh, clearly not...

viagra online said...

what a bike, just look at is so nice, the bike maybe have one or two little things that wouldn't be there, but anyway this bike is so useful.

luSca said...

today I published my last work, a new Ducati Street tracker:
I hope U like it!