Thursday, 8 May 2008

Kings of Lynn

I've got over the ego wounds of my last race enough to look back and realise the final was one of the hottest ever in the UK. Current champ Marco Belli drove over from Italy and was on his new new CCM (more about that rocket soon). In the semi he was crossed up out of turn 4 with the front wheel in the air on the first 6 laps. He looked unbeatable. But Sideburn's favourite dirt tracker of all time, Peter Boast, skinned him in the final leading from start to finish.
If you want to check out UK racing there's a non-championship round in Peterborough on May 17. I (Sideburn's GI) won't be racing as I'm working at the NorthWest 200 road race in Northern Ireland.
But I will be at the fantastic half-mile in South Wales on June 7.

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