Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Delicate ballet of light and stuff

Jackie Bass shoots bikes. She wanted to share this...

"Proving that motorcycle photography can be recognized as fine art even outside of powersports enthusiast circles, Popular Photography and Imaging magazine recently selected Jackie Bass' image "The Final Turn", to serve as the penultimate illustration of masterful panning technique in their current June 2008 "How To" issue.

"Using a difficult photographic technique that involves a delicate ballet of lighting, exposure, spot on timing, and precision tracking, Jackie Bass has distilled the speed and intensity of flat track motorcycle racing into a series of dramatically surreal, hyper-kinetic photos unlike any you have seen before.

"These images are being made available now for purchase on archival art paper, photographic prints, and a variety of casual sundries through my website, http://www.JackieBass.com

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Killer shot. Good pan shots of racing bikes definitely kick it. A photog pal of mine shot me on my CB350 roadrader and it's my favorite photo of me on my bike.
Thanks to Jackie and the SiDewAYz nutters. *Chuckle*