Friday, 8 August 2014

That's What You Call a Rain-off

Dirt track tyres can't cope with waterlogged tracks, so there's always a risk a race may be rained off. It happens about once every ten races in the UK.

This is a photo of the track at Rapid City Speedway this week, where the GNC were supposed to race the Black Hills Half-Mile on Tuesday night as part of the huge Sturgis bike week event.

This followed a rain-off at Castle Rock the weekend before, but the organisers at the Washington track were able to postpone the event for one day and still hold the event.

After seeing this biblical storm, the whole paddock packed up and headed straight for Indy for TONIGHT'S Mile.
There's a GNC round every weekend till the end of August now.

Remember, the DTRA visit Amman Valley in Wales this weekend. Saturday looks fine. Sunday, not so good. G

Photo: AMA Pro Racing

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Nick said...

Looks like weather could be okay, they don't seem to have an idea were this low is going to go , but looks more like the south coast and south east