Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Warwick Johnson Cadwell

We have commissioned renowned cartoon artist Warwick Johnson Cadwell to produce an illustration for the next Sideburn.
Above is his (unrelated) drawing of Joan Jett as Boba Fett.
WJC worked with Tank Girl's writer, Alan Martin, replacing original artist Jamie Hewlett (a tough gig), to produce new a new Tank Girl book (Solid State Tank Girl) and, most recently, Young Tank Girl.

The Joan Jett reference gives us a chance to post some footage of The Runaways. Anyone complaining?

Oh, and Sideburn 18 will be out in mid-September. We're just putting some finishing touches to it. G


Nick said...

Not complaining at all

Unknown said...

Really looking forward to seeing this! I got a couple of original early drawings by Brett Ewins recently, one of the founders of the brilliant Deadline where TG first appeared. Still got the copies somewhere or other...