Sunday, 3 May 2015

Vote Tutti Frutti

The general election campaign in Britain is hotting up. I've voted Red, Yellow, and Green in the past. But the Greens are proposing to slash copyright laws and the tyres of big motorbikes, so they just lost my possible vote. My 6 year old son wants to run for Primeminister, and has some sweeping changes in his manifesto including 'ice-cream for breakfast'. As the big day approaches, and rival (grown-ups) parties start mud slinging each other, His philosophy is making more and more sense. BP


OILY RAG said...

IDE vote Ike

Kirk said...

Sounds good so far, what's his stance on the important stuff like doughnuts and what constitutes it being OK to go to the beach on a weekday?

Sideburn Magazine said...

The Ike Party will recognise Doughnuts as a national dish, VAT will be levied on any type of football, trees will be planted on pitches, and youth will be forced into the cold sea to surf every day after school.

Kirk said...

Leave the kids their footie Ike, plant trees where you've pulled down the fast food restaurants and mandate a 'beach day' clause into employment regulations and you'll have me handing out manifestos and wearing a 'Vote Ike' sandwich board every waking minute. I like ice cream.