Tuesday, 7 July 2015

8 Rays Over Cream

From our friends and long-time supporters, Davida.

Created to compliment the Japanese theme of the Southsiders 2015 Wheels and Waves event in Biarritz, the latest helmet colourway to be launched by Davida (UK) Ltd is the 8 Rays over Cream, a stylised 'Rising Sun' used in modern Japan as a symbol of tradition and good fortune. Davida offer an unparalleled choice of more than 100 colourways available as standard as well as a custom bespoke service. 

 All Davida helmets are hand painted in the UK using a fibreglass shell, lined with fully quilted leather and finished with a satin crown. Davida helmets have a unique ergonomical design to prevent lift and speed and give an exceptionally quiet ride. Using 3 shell sizes to create 6 helmet sizes the Davida is never larger or heavier than it has to be. 

Davida Design 406 - 8 Rays Over Cream
Ninety Two Helmet £298 (Certification BSI 6658 Road Legal in UK)
Speedster Helmet £342 (No Certification & Inc 20% VAT)
 Jet Helmet £298 (Certification ECE R22-05 & ACU Gold for racing)  http://www.davida.co.uk

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Nick said...

Real pretty, still waiting for Davida to come up with a full face hemet