Sunday, 26 July 2015

Lima Pea Gravel Protection

From Roger in Ohio

I took these with my phone while touring the pits at the Lima 1/2 mile national well before practice started. Many of these bikes have expensive paintwork and components that do not stand up well to the violent Lima pea gravel spray thrown off rear tires in the turns. You can see the extensive care taken by some of the teams to protect the bikes while maintaining the appearance of the machines. Almost the whole frame was done on Brandon Robinson's #44 Triumph.

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Stuman714 in Indy said...

Great job of mentioning the use of duct tape at Lima to protect the components and paint jobs. I talked with the Weirbach team of Richard and Ted there (as I do at every National I attend since they are from my original home state of Iowa) and they told me they used 7 rolls of duct tape to protect their mount at Lima. And yes, that was on just one of their machines! Those guys do a wonderful job of repping the sport and have had some bad breaks this year when running solid. They have made a couple of Dash events and have a 4th-place at Indy to show for their efforts, and their 8th-place at the XGames and the air time on ESPN that they got was super, as well.