Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dirt Quake USA Schedule

We've finalised the schedule of events. Well, I say finalised, Thor has typed it out. It could change. It's Dirt Quake USA, it's a guideline. We reserve the right to change it. Go with the flow.

Friday June 17th
11:00 Gates open for everyone.
15:00 night racing sign ups open.
17:00 Riders meeting
17:30pm practice starts
19:00pm racing starts
21:30 Holeshot contest
22:00pm Awards
22:30pm Camp fire

Friday racing: Each group equals 1 gate unless we have more than 14 racers. 1 practice per class, 1 heat per class, 1 main per class.

We have classes for every race bike from juniors on PW50s to Hooligans. Friday is for race bikes. Saturday is for Dirt Quake road bikes.
We're going to merge classes more than usual at US races, so we have good full grids and get lots of racing into a short time. We don't want three bikes in a race, we want a grid of 12!

Friday Classes

  • 50cc Junior (50cc DTX Senior (7-8);  50cc DTX PW (4-8); 50cc Open)
  • 65-85cc Junior (65cc DTX; 65cc Modified; 85cc DTX; 85cc Modified) 
  • 125-250 Junior (125cc Modified; 150R;  201cc-250cc (12+); 250cc (12+))
  • 450 - (450cc Mod (14+); 450cc Open Singles & Twins (14+))
  • Lady
  • Geezers (Veteran 30+; Senior 40+; Super Senior 50+)
  • Twins and Vintage
  • $ Pro 16 and up
  • $ Pro Am 14 and up
  • $ Hooligan

Plus a special holeshot competition for DTX and Dirt Quake bikes. 

Friday Prices: ENTER AT SIGN-UP FOR FRIDAY. (DQ Saturday requires entries in advance)
      Gate Fee $10.
      1 Race class $30.
      Additional classes $25.

Saturday June 18th
Dirt Quake USA  (Night Races!)
9:00 Gates open for everyone.
11:00 - 14:00 Free Custom Bike Show & Swap Meet (see below)
14:00 - 14:30 Style contest and Bike show awards (TT Jump)
15:00 Night racing sign ups open.
17:00 Riders meeting
17:30 Practice starts
19:00 Racing starts
22:30 Awards ceremony and after Party! (bands, buddies, brews, and chicken!) 

HOW TO ENTER: Send a photo of your bike and which class you want to enter to with the subject Dirt Quake USA Entry. Once your bike is approved you’ll be sent a link to pay. Entry fee is $75 (includes gate entry and camping). First come, first served. No entries on the day sorry.

Dirt Quake is for the kind of bikes that don’t usually get a chance to race anywhere else. Dirt Quake race day is Saturday. One rider per bike. One class per rider. We will be having a good, tight program of dirt track racing for real race bikes, and all abilities of rider, on Friday night.

CHOPPER: For choppers! Not factory customs or baggers, just choppers.
STREET TRACKER/STREET SCRAMBLER: Road legal street trackers and scramblers NOT race bikes or modern enduros.
INAPPROPRIATE ROAD BIKE: Harley Fat Boys, Trail 90s, Ducati Panigales, virtually any road bike. If it shouldn’t be on a dirt track, it’s in.
LADY: Women racers on any of the above bikes (not real race bikes please). Women can enter any other class if they prefer.
TRIPOD: Three-wheelers (and snowmobiles, of course)
MINIBIKE: Pull-start Taco-style and 3-speed autos only.
HOOLIGAN: 750-plus cc multi-cylinder beasts.

KITCHE SINK: Race bikes that don't fit in the other classes.

DQ USA FREE BIKE SHOW. Drag out that ol chop, Custom tracker, or wild stallion. It’s free to enter. Park bike in bike show lot,  fill out info card. Bikes in lot will be judged on the same classes as Dirt Quake. Awards given at 2pm sharp. (11am- 2pm)
SWAP MEET. Bring your junk, Buy some junk. All day Saturday. Free with gate entry.
STYLE CONTEST. Held on the TT jump from 2:00-2:30. Entries on the day. Proper equipment required.

1.     Pit speed limit 5 mph.
2.     No alcohol and riding. (respect the safety of others)
3.     Clean up your own mess.
4.     Proper equipment required. (boots, helmet, long sleeve shirt/pant, helmet, shatterproof eyewear)
5.     Have fun and be safe.


Hairy Larry said...

Winner, winner...(or not) chicken dinner...and beer and buddies...can't wait!

Motorcycho said...

No Nudes?

750 Chris said...

Be careful when asking for nudes in this crowd Norman

750 Chris said...

Hey, can you tell me more about the Hole shot contest? What is DTX

L Spencer said...

DTX is short for Dirt Track

John Cole said...

Is it rain or shine ?

John Cole said...

Is it rain or shine ?