Sunday, 26 June 2016

Dirt Quake USA Style Contest presented by Fox Shocks

So it's just one week since the campers started packing up and rolling out of the third edition of Dirt Quake USA and the Sideburn x See See x Harley-Davidson two-wheeled party was a success. There were a couple heavy crashes on track and a couple of morons ignoring the 5mph campsite limit (one of whom got disciplined), but considering how many races, on how many inappropriate motorcycles, how many people determined to whoop it up, how many camp fires and people haring around, and how much those Pacific North-Westerners drink, well, it was super-cool.

Part of the Dirt Quake USA mix is the style contest. It's kind of a jump contest, but judged on style, not height or distance. That means appropriate bikes, anything with more than 3in of suspension travel, get marked down. Oh, and the crowd judge it by cheering.

The contest is over the Castle Rock TT jump, it's long, few of these amateurs can clear it, anyone ballsy enough can enter and the winner walks away with a $1000 token to spend with Fox Shocks. Any guesses who was the crowd's favourite? G

Photos: Yve Assad

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