Monday, 28 July 2008

Our 100th post!

This blog was supposed to just be a place to stick up a few things we couldn't fit in the magazine for one reason or another. But it's taken over our lives! That's why we're up to our 100th post and Sideburn 2 isn't finished. But it's nearly done. (sick of hearing that yet?)
Sideburn is produced in England and Holland, then printed in Wales and sent around the world.
This is what the two SB offices look like.
Thanks for reading.

Ben describes his office.

what did you expect?
A pin-up poster of a half-naked Jay Springsteen with a couple of tires under his arms?

Think rather...

Lucha Libre flick-book
BSA Spitfire tank badge
repro Raleigh Chopper transfers
Altoid mints
faded photo of a twin engined Bonneville racer
balsa wood Jumbo jet
cut-away diagram of a Peugeot J7 panel van
erotic doodle
99 club badge
old nylon fishing net
Dr Seuuss's ABC (1963 edition)
Boney M shopping bag
dried date packaging
Turkish shaving foam packaging
framed Morpho butterfly
some racing number stickers
Stylophone - Rolf Harris endorsed
shagged Shag T shirt voodoo head
box of Mini Dickmann's chocolate marshmallows
'Allo John Got A New Motor' picture disc
wind-up Evel Knievel
discontinued Lettraset
G5 Apple Mac & Wacom tablet

No wonder SIDEBURN is no ordinary motorcycle magazine


Anonymous said...

Pistachio nuts & WD40 what more does a man need?

Mick_P said...

And that's my Mutton Chops feature on the screen - or at least one of the fantastic pics of the hirsute heroes of Seventies British speedway. Intrigued? Of course you are. Read all about it in Sideburn #2. Out soon(ish).