Monday, 28 July 2008

St. Mert says 'Comment!'

We're learning about this blogging lark as we go along. We've changed our settings now so anyone can comment. St. Mert says 'Comment now!'


Mick_P said...

St Mert, I have heard the word.

It's been a weird old day, which started uncomfortably watching a large amount of money disappear down some internet plughole to emerge in the Inland Revenue coffers, presumably to be plucked out by coked-up bikini-clad honeys and thrown about the palatial, Turkish opium den-esque offices of the Revenue capos. That's how it works, isn't it?

Anyway, it's going well now, not only perusing the ball-tinglingly bang-on cycles here on Sideblog, but doing so to the accompaniment of the Garage Punk podcast, brought to my attention by Sideburn's very own illustrator from the far side, Chris Watson. Boy, have I been frugging. I've fair frugged myself stupid this afternoon. Listen to the podcast here:

And now we can post without Sir checking that we haven't said anything hurtful about Leeds or the 13th Floor Elevators, let's have a fucking riot. Post on.

Anthony Brown said...

Hey Guys love ur blog.

My good Freind Ian Osbourne put me on to guys a while ago. I did a CCM flattrack day in the spring and I will be out there going sideways soon on some sort of cobbled togther machine. (it brought back my old spedway days)
Hurry up with issue two


Long live free posting on sideblog