Monday, 14 July 2008

Pin sharp

The lens on Tim White's camera is crafted from pure Aztec crystal blessed by the sun God himself. Every picture is pin sharp, you can even smell the smoldering shingle.
Here child prodigy Brandon Robinson #44A - featured in SB#1, when he was an amateur - pips Cory Texter #65A at the Frederick County Fairgrounds in Maryland.
Why bother making a 5 hour round trip to watch the races when you can just log-on to Tim Whites site & enjoy the action up-close from the comfort of your own home?


Thomas said...

Is that a brakedisk i see !? yuck. Nice white arais (fly by)
Cheers Taz

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Well spotted. There's a disc, but look, no front master cylinder. Maybe he put a TT front wheel in after a problem with another wheel or tyre. They are allowed front brakes on the jumps.