Thursday, 28 August 2008

Dick Mann

As previously mentioned Dick Mann, the legend, was in England for the Beezumph. Sideburn stalwart, Alastair McQ brought along his Beeza and got some shots of Bugsy standing next to it.


hildy said...

Dick "Bugsy" Mann is a TRUE Legend and I'm grateful to have known him, (Lookin Good Bugsy... Thursday, 28 August 2008 in England for the Beezumph. ;-) along with many other wonderful talented real racers from the early to mid 1960s when I worked at Menlo Cyclery in Redwood City, CA.

My closest pal and mentor, Russ Boardman(d.) was every bit as talented a racer as Bugsy during this time. We lived in Los Gatos, CA and traveled daily to work in Redwood City, CA - in our "commuter" 1949 Fleet Back, stove bolt 6 cyl. Chevy!

Of course I can't leave this forum without mentioning other notables, especially "Mitch" Mitchell, the Boss of Menlo Cyclery, Frank & Jay Mitchell (his sons), Guadeloupe "Lupe" Ramirez, Shawn Kelly, Louis Aguilera, Roberto Umberto, and others whom I can't seem to remember their names!

Those were Great times and I'm a little sad they are long past, except for our collective memories!

May those who read this please remember, it all started before "On any Sunday" and is alive and well every weekend with many Scoot Riders!

Best Regards;

Mel Burbank said...

Hi Hildy, Sadly, I just learned of the passing this week of Jay Mitchell . I worked with Jay and Frank, Russ and Lupe at Menlo Honda in the 70's and I really miss those wild fun days in the Menlo Family.