Saturday, 15 December 2012

Alex's XS650 Street Tracker

From Alex in the UK

Hey Sideburn
Just wanted to say love the mag, so cool it inspired to street track my XS650. It's a 1980 heritage special, spent a couple of G's on it but worth every penny I love it and everybody stops to ask about it! Gonna put some actual flat track bars on it but I already had these so saved a few £'s, I learnt how to weld and built it in my grandads garage with a few hand tools and absolutely no mechanical experience whatsoever! 
Anyway hope you like the pics, keep up the good work on the mag 
Cheers Alex

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Stuman714 in Indy said...

Nice work on this. We see a lot of the XS650s here in the States being worked into street trackers. A few years ago I had a guy tell me he was doing vintage sidehack racing and was using the XS motor for power and was getting them for around $150 US for the engine in local junkyards. Great stuff, this was always a fav motor of mine since I was in my teen years. Keep up the great work guys, and thanks again!