Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Micky's Big Mouth T

This Model Ford T-bucket - touring body with a 3.5Ltr V8, was my 'delivery van' a few years ago. Delivering crates of Mickey's Big Mouth beer around London. The year before I had driven a silver glitter covered Citroën Visa van, with light-up ice box windows, for Absolut Vodka. All the brainchild of Dave from Marblehead who kindly lubricated our SB#12 launch party with Kraken rum. Good times.
(above) Me and John Dirty Whitewalls, were visiting (the now long-gone) Hamrax on Ladbroke Grove for some new brake pads as the front wheels were from a Honda.
The magnificent Jaguar IRS; the resplendent spinning cherry of every jacked-up British built hot rod in the 1980s.
521 FBC Where are you now? Still turning heads in supermarket carparks and causing havoc I hope, BP


Harley said...

Jag IRS, slot mags and "Happy" Hamrax - truly another era....

rustyli150 said...

Mickey's Big Mouths were immortalised in Tom Waits' Franks Wild Years. Quality

Sideburn Magazine said...

Rusty, I was listening to it just the other day. A top five favourite ever song for me.

'Spent piece of used jet trash, made good Bloody Marys...'

Made me want to buy my daughter a chihuahua (that she really, really wants) just so I could name it Carlos. G

Philip Dolman said...

Have a Jag IRS stashed away somewhere. Stripped it down on my mums kitchen table in the 70s.

Anthony Brown said...

Gary get the Chihuahua I want one too.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Rusty & G,
"....Never could stand that dog" one of my faves too.

how do you stash a Jag IRS?
Do you have an exceptionally large space under your bed? or did you bury it in the woods?

rustyli150 said...

Swordfishtrombones is one of my fave tw lps too. Along with rain dogs

16 shells? Marvellous!

Just when i think you two cant get any cooler...