Tuesday 9 April 2013

Dirt Quake Entry NEWS

Entries for Dirt Quake II will open April 26. This will be handled online through the Motorcycle Federation website.
Before the entry news here's some more important info.

We're having a pre-party on the Friday night with camping. More details soon.
Krazy Horse are having an open day and barbecue on the Sunday of Dirt Quake and it's a great ride down from King's Lynn to Bury St Edmunds.
Tickets on sale soon!

Now info for those wanting to compete...

Race entries are £25. You will need an MCF Day licence (unless you have an MCF season licence). A day licence is a further £10.
For this entry fee every rider will have the opportunity for one four-lap practice; three six-lap heat races and, if they qualify, a final.

Everyone must have their bike approved by Sideburn before they enter. We just want to make sure the choppers are choppers and the Inappropriate Road Bikes, really are inappropriate.
If you enter without your bike being approved there's a chance you won't be able to race and your entry fee and licence fee won't be refunded.
The classes are
So start sending photos, even if they’re work in progress, to dirt@sideburnmagazine.com
Please mark your email 'Dirt Quake Bike'

We’ve had a meeting with the DTRA, the people behind the UK Dirt Track race series, who we are co-organising Dirt Quake 2 with. They’ve told us there are some important requirements for riders who plan to race at Dirt Quake. We’re keeping rules and regs to an absolute minimum, but there’s no way around these laid down by the MCF.

1. Your helmet must conform to one of the following standards and have a sticker that the DTRA scrutineers can check to confirm it does. We’re assured this includes open-face helmets, so you shouldn’t have to splash out on a new lid unless yours is ancient.
Check your helmet to ensure it conforms to one of the following British, European or American standards.
BS-6658-A or BS-6658-B
SNELL M2005, M2010

Gloves and boots are compulsory. So are long sleeves and long trousers (you really don’t want to race dirt track in shorts…)
Shatterproof eye protection is strongly recommended, as is some kind of motorcycle protective clothing.

2. Your bike’s front sprocket must be covered in a way that will adequately stop fingers or toes touching it. If it isn’t, you won’t be allowed on track.

3. Mag wheels must have gaps that are big enough to fit an arm through blocked up. Securely zip-tied Perspex will work. If you have normal spoked wheels you have nothing to worry about.

That’s about it for now. If you’re willing to race it, we’ll let you, unless it’s obviously a danger to other riders.
Send questions and photos to dirt @ sideburnmagazine.com

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