Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Sideburn Poet

I'm pretty sure Sideburn is the only motorcycle magazine to list a poet on the staff. And even if others had a poet, he'd be nothing like ours.
That's him above, bearded, after coming third in a big enduro race in the US and collecting his share of a $3000 purse.
Travis Newbold is his name. He races enduro, MX, flat track and he was the sixth fastest vehicle of any description at the 2012 Pike's Peak Hillclimb and 450 champ at that legendary race. He also runs a bike shop in Denver, Newbold's Motorbike Shop (photos below).
Read his poetry in Sideburn 12 and 13.
Check his 747 Rider blog too.
Oh, and he's coming all the way from Colorado to race at Dirt Quake 2. Are you going to be there? G


Mick P said...

Shit! I'll meet Travis at DQII? Well pleased.

747 said...

Fuck yeah!