Monday, 7 April 2014

Honda Ascot

Thanks to Roger F for bringing this to our attention. He says...

'30 seconds, featuring the then reigning grand national champion Mike Kidd (he won the #1 plate on a Harley and was hired by Honda). He's riding a bike powered by an engine that started life as a CX500, turned sideways, converted to a 750 and chain final drive!....not a bad day's work in the shop)... Roger'
Read all about the development of the CX500 powered NS750 into it's successor, the RS750 in SB#7


Nick said...

Never knew they made a road version

Sideburn Magazine said...

Nick, the Ascot VT500FT V-twin engine is not related, in anyway, to the NS750, CX500 or RS750, except it's a four-stroke made by Honda. It's all marketing horseshit. G

JP said...

been thinking of picking up one of these and seeing if I could put in the 600 as the basic design is still being used in the Shadow. Or just enjoy tooling about on a good looking old dream from my youth. Sadly, every time was has come available I seem to be broke.
Same thing happens when 500 and 750 Interceptors from the same era come available. I am too often broke.
I blame the other 4 bikes I have.
'78 CB400t
'80 XL250s
'91 ST1100 Black
'91 ST110 Silver and Black

mp said...

what i never understand is this, theres a super rad bike that totally rules, so they make it available for the public, but they make it look totally shit. why not just copy the rad one exactly?

Unknown said...

Did Troy Mclure do the voice over?