Thursday, 10 April 2014

Jason's Borile

After selling the neatest framer in the whole of Europe, Jason bought a Borile (pronounced, I think, Bo-real-ay). I have no idea why he did such a thing.
Anyway, he's trying to salvage the situation. Looks pretty. G

I've been wondering what material would be best for a seat base. I tried titanium. Too bendy and difficult to stick leather to. Next up was fibreglass. What a bleedin messy job that was. And the end result looks like a normal seat. But I wanted something different and yesterday morning came up with a plan. 

A totally unique, never done before idea…. It fits really well and works too. Most pleased with my unique idea. Until I google, skateboard motorcycle seat, and loads come up. pah. Not so unique after all. 

I shall of course get it covered in squishy foam and leather for my peachy posterior, I'm not a sadist.


Harley said...

If I remember the gist of the (very) few roadtests I've seen about this beast, it's not a peachy posterior you need to worry about, it's an over-developed kick start leg. Starting the thing was something of a black, and painful, art apparently. Looking sharp though!

Mick P said...

'Boh' like in 'box'.

capnsimo said...

Ahh the draw of the mud and swamp, none of that round and round malarkey, far too dangeroos, a genteel putter through the woods and over the moors in a blizzard, kickstart pah, what you want is a Rotax powered CCM with modern style easy start electric motor.....possibly only 10% of the looks is very lovely the Boh really

Kirk said...

Actually, I think it's a masochist that Jason is not. Enjoying pain being inflicted as opposed to inflicting it? Of course admittedly I don't know what he gets up to when not on Sideburn and the Bent Bars incident may have started him on some new lifestyle choices. Either way it's his business and the bike is incredible looking.