Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Newbold's Motorbike Shop

Newbold's Motorbike Shop from Waylon Trostel on Vimeo.

Travis Newbold is an old friend of Sideburn. We first met up at the Las Vegas indoor short track back in 2010. I was there working for GQ Italy, Travis was doing what Travis does - racing on a shoestring, kickin' ass, taking names and sleeping in his van with his dog, Baja. He stuck out.

Anthony Co-Built liked what I told him about Travis, so he invited him over to the UK, saying 'You get yourself out here and we'll get you a bike to race and ride around on.' Travis did just that, raced short track with the UK series, went out to Holland to watch Anthony (Travis's permission to ride didn't come through), rode around on Doug's KTM, came to the Reilly Rocket Sideburn party and generally had a blast.

He's been back once more, for last year's Dirt Quake and Isle of Man TT. He is also Sideburn's poet, with a page in every issue since Sideburn 12.

Travis also opened his own bike shop, in the Wheat Ridge area of Denver, Colorado, with prize money from winning his class at the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb.

Recently, a local film student, Waylon Trostel, met Travis and said he'd like to make a film about him. This is the result. It wasn't commissioned by Travis, hence the somewhat at odds inclusion of the famous On Any Sunday clip, but it's still a nicely made film. It turns out Waylon didn't know On Any Sunday until Travis suggested he should watch it, and the student reacted the same way any sane person does the first time they see the film and wanted to tell everyone about it - hence the clip in this film.

It's well worth a watch.
Travis is a real hero.
See more about what Travis is up to at his blog 747 Rider.

Oh, and Newbold's Bike Shop stocks Sideburn. G


Paul said...

A legend!

Frank said...

Nice! I got to know Travis last year at the flat track races in Dacono, CO. Great to see him doing well.

Dr-Ogo said...


Unknown said...

Inspiring story.

747 said...

aw shucks...

Unknown said...

That's great.

Unknown said...

Travis. Is your father,s name Mike? I am looking for him .We attended university of Albany together. I remember when his son Travis was born. Just wondering if you are the same Travis . I haven't seen Mike since Coloardo days many years ago. We used to call him Herbie.
Please write back

747 said...

Herbie... yup, thats my Dad!

Unknown said...

How can I contact him..? I saved his letters .I even have a post card telling me that you were to be born..
I will post my email address here
I expect to be in the Square state this summer. I!d love to spend some time with him.
He is quite a man and should think about writing about his life's journey.
Please ask him to write me on email

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Sorry for the double post
Woah. I must have a crazy finger

Unknown said...

Travis:thank you for relaying the message to your father. He did contact me. It was great to hear from him after all of these years. Thanks again.