Saturday, 13 June 2015


The on-board video of TT racer James Hillier on the Kawasaki H2R. That thing revs! G


Hot Shoe said...


JP said...

An excellent TT for Hillier this year.
How much pain was Micheal Dunlop in? A few years back he was winning races while walking around looking like a question mark or a hunchback, and he was only able to do a single lap on the 600.
Yikes. And his brother broke ribs ... that only hurts when you breathe.
TT2015 will be a year both will want to forget.
Not so good for Guy either, mainly on the starts, but maybe he will get used to the bike and come back next year. He did join the 132mph club, I think.
And the McGuinness of old showed up for the Senior TT. Two lap records and neither was a flier.

JP said...

Oh, and good on Guy for jumping onto the Victory when William had to go home with those bunk ribs.