Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Flying Cars

 Amazing concept /photoshop trickery by Sylvain Viau.

Citroen cars are famous for their very smooth handling and hydraulic suspension system. They are usually nicknamed 'flying carpet'. 

This is my own flying carpet after little custom works, a Cx Gti Turbo produced in 1984 ! Much more comfortable like this ! Then I pushed the idea with other cars, and it's still working. 

 I'm ready to experiment this change on any car, provided I can drive it myself to my usual shooting place in Cherbourg. This is my only condition!


Chris said...

baby I'm so far ahead it's beautiful..


Capion mc said...

You can keep your flying muscle cars and later Peugeot-citrôens, but a hover Ami 8! I want!! Thanks for posting.

Nick said...

Yup, love the Ami, wish I still my old Ami, great fun and cheap as chips to run

WebbRowan said...

Lovely pictures here. Reminds me of the recent come and gone Back to the Future clock. While we aren't anywhere nearer to buying or financing flying cars, we can all still dream yeah?