Saturday, 27 June 2015

Thrive 005

Radical street scrambler from Thrive Motorcycles, Jakarta, Indonesia.. Looks like a late-'80s official concept bike, if it were powder blue with a yellow seat. And that's a good thing.

The project was one of our most ambitious. Designed and built for very special friend. We've been friends for a couple of years and from that we could say he is one of the most curious graphic designer we know. 

The bike was designed over dozens of questions in his head, he is a kind of person who always wondered how to put ideas and function at the same place. It always intrigue us when we meet people who have visions and dreams, their vibes always inspire us to build something that’s not only good but also meaningful.

The discussions directing us into the ideas about two things that always cross each other, related with dualism in our life. It’s about the multiplication when two things intersected with each other. Like the good and the bad or the black and white. We always wonder what kind of spirit that live between them, we believe there must be more than only neutral circumstances. We believe if the grey area is more mysterious than you could ever think, it could be really bad and smartly good at the same time. This thought pushes us to develop a motorcycle that can be perfectly use when facing the road in a bad condition but still have her own beauty and sleekness nature from the owner’s thought. 

So we started it by creating the whole new sub frame for this little 2008 Yamaha Scorpio to achieve a clean looks under the seat and maximazing the horizontal grid. We picked an aluminum plate for the whole body panel needs in purpose to reducing the weight in a thick material plate. The engine was in a good condition when she came to our front door, but then a few parts got new replacements, and renewed the gaskets after we put it on a vapor blasting treatment to add some contrast and more value to the bike itself before the coloring phase begin. Then we added a PE 28 Carburetor so now she can breathe more fresh air and we covered the custom made stainless steel exhaust with a black exhaust wrap.

To ensure more control, we use a fatbar handlebar completed with the custom clucth and brake lever, custom dashboard with a light indicators and GPS mounting, custom light switch and start button, ended with the custom bar-end turn signal to keep a clean look on bar area. In front suspension, we used a set of Honda’s upside down forks, but we had to modified the triple trees and steering column to make it fit perfectly on a Yamaha’s chassis. For the rear, we used a Yamaha’s swingarm pair it with Showa Monoshock Suspension on a custom made unitrack system. 

For her shoes we used a pair of 18” spoke rims wrapped with Kenda’s Trial Tread Tyre and controlled by a pair of new disc brake system on a aftermarket trial hubs. We modified the original footstep by adding some detail to enhace the grips and pairing it with the chrome shifter and brake control. Then we add a custom-made skid-plate to cover the engine from dirts and rocks while she goes travelling around. There only two main colors on this bike, Gun Metal Grey on top of brushed metal finish at the aluminum panel, and black for the rest of the bike. We used three different black powder coat texture. 
As we know, maybe we can not win everything but proving and experimenting what we believe is always good for us. The ideas itself will make the output naturally stand out among others in todays attention-seeking-trend. The serene sight will deceive people from the basic purpose of the bike, and that’s what we think about this project.


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MZ ES250 Trophy-inspired?

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Fresh design. Boxy can be cool apparently! :-)