Friday, 25 September 2015

Mint Wood Rotax For Sale in UK

The Wood Rotax we used as the subject for Sideburn 22's blueprint feature is up for sale on UK eBay. This is what the advert says (it's well worth reading)...

Professionally built by Dale Lineaweaver in the early nineties from new parts. The frame is a Wood Rotax, which has never been stripped, blasted or re-powder coated. The engine is a Ron Wood Rotax, as is the exhaust and bodywork. The bike was built as a street tracker and saw very little use, as it was bump-start only. 

These bikes have fast become the choice bike for the DTRA series and for good reason. They’re light, fast and reliable. Jolly good fun. And this is the best preserved example I have ever seen. 

I bought the bike two years ago from Goodman Reed in California. I have a huge file and magazine feature from the mid nineties, which explains in detail about the bikes build. The body-work was repainted, by The Paintbox, who also altered the fuel outlet, so that it had quick (dry) release, all on the left, so the tank can be taken off without splitting fuel lines. The round slide carb was swapped for a flat slide, which has been dyno set up. I went through the bike replacing the serviceable items, such as the chain, oil and filter. I also made a few adjustments to make it race ready, such as the MV throttle, which allows slow tick over in the pit lane, then a twist of the tiny choke lever, ups the throttle to prevent stalling in the corners, when I panic brake. I also re-installed the kicker. Bump starting a bike is bad enough, but far worse with a hot shoe on. 

The bike comes with all the right parts and is in fantastic unrestored condition, which is unusual for a dirt track bike. I would consider selling without the PM Chicane wheels, because it’s taken 5 years for me to find these. 
£7500 Or £6000 without the wheels. 

The bike needs nothing but riding, racing and enjoying. I know some ebayers, like to ask crazy questions, so I've taken the liberty of guessing what they might be. 

1, Nice bike mate, do you have a buy it now price? 
Thank you for your interest and kind words. It's not an auction though, so yes there is a buy it now. Just click the button and it's yours, once you've paid. 

2, Can you make a street legal for me? Does it have a log book? 
Yes I could and have done it in the past, but I do not want to this time. And no, there is no log book. It's a race bike, but should you wish to ride on the street it's entirely doable. 

3, My Grandad had one like that, is it a Harley? 
Did he, good. No. 

4, Would you take part exchange for a Game boy? 
No, even though he sounds like a lot of fun. 

5, Can you deliver it to (add where you live here)? 
Potentially, but why can't you collect? You're going to need a van or a trailer anyway. Or if you are miles away, then I could arrange transport at cost. But you can find that cost out yourself, can't you? If all this makes me sound jaded, miserable and generally downbeat then I have given you the wrong impression. I am in fact so utterly happy all the time that people sometimes think I'm a homosexual! I'm perhaps the only bloke in the world that has had to come out as straight.


Anthony Brown said...

I love Jason!

Guy #97 said...

If this ad doesn't sell it, nothing will 😆