Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Stealing Speed by Mat Oxley

Sometime Sideburn contributor, Mat Oxley, has self-published/reprinted one of his books, and it's a goody. It's the story of Walter Kaaden, the Iron Curtain, WWII flying bombs, spies, defections and the Japanese buying German technology to finally build a really successful two-stroke.
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Here's what Mat says about the reprint...

Finally reprinted in HARDBACK after several years out of print. Current best prices on Amazon for secondhand copies of Stealing Speed are £73 for a paperback and a ridiculous £640 for a hardback! This is why I decided to reprint the book, so you can once again buy it at a reasonable price.
The book itself costs £14.99. I have included post and packing in the prices on this site, so the UK total is £17.79, EU £21.85 and USA/Australia etc £25.99.

Get a copy direct from Mat at Stealing Speed. G

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Anders said...

Read it a few years ago, great story and great book. Recommended!