Friday, 22 April 2016

Dwayne Pro Racing Patch

Dwayne has been our dingbat mascot since day one. Drawn by Kar Lee, Dwayne sums up the feckless, have a go attitude that Sideburn has promoted right back to issue 1 in 2008. We're not focused on the champions, next big things or the handsome and beautiful (though all those crop up from time to time). Sideburn is about giving it a go, whether you're any good or not.

Dwayne is a beaten and battered also-ran, grinning until the adrenalin wears off, normally at the point he's driving his used, high-mileage van on the long road home on Sunday night.

Mark Wilson (@71speedster) cleverly combined our lovable loser with the logo of elite flat track racing to create the Dwayne Pro Racing patch. They are 6.5cm (2.5in) in diameter and we'll sell you one for £4 plus post even if you've won a race.

Buy Dwayne and have a look at the other offerings in the Sideburn patches, badges and stickers department. G

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