Friday, 22 April 2016

The Rebcor Helmet Riders

From Roger F...

A facebook grab, The Rebcor helmet riders are Steve Freeman, Gary Scott, Ted Boody and Hank Scott.

Gary Scott held the number one plate for one season, so this must have been shot in early 1976.

Ted Boody has a letter after his number showing this is his rookie season, and he has yet to start a season having made an expert main. Boody is a name that pops up often, but I didn't know a lot about him, so I did some reading up at the AMA Hall of Fame site.

In 1976, Boody made a successful rookie debut on the national circuit. He scored his first AMA national points in May of 1976 at the Oklahoma City Half-Mile, where he finished second. He earned his first AMA national win in June of that year at the indoor Short Track held in the Pontiac (Michigan) Silverdome. At the time, he was the youngest rider, at 17, to win an AMA national. 

He won a national in his rookie season and still wasn't rookie of the year, that went to Steve Eklund (who was profiled in issue 13).

I was thinking, why haven't we interviewed Ted Boody? Then read this...

Ascot Park was the site of both Boody’s final AMA national victory, and his tragic death three years later. On May 7, 1988, Boody crashed in a freak accident on the final lap of the national. He died from the injuries. 

A sad end to the research. If anyone can put us in touch with Gary or Hank Scott I'd be grateful. G

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