Monday, 12 September 2016

Don't You Wish That We Were Dead?

The Damned New Rose post, on the Sideburn blog, prompted a belated response from regular magazine contributor, Dave Bevan (who has been writing about cult motorcycle films for the magazine in recent issues). He pointed me to the trailer for documentary above, that had passed me by.

Even the trailer puts the hairs up on the back of my neck like no blockbuster can. Look out for Captain Sensible, who for a man of my age (mid-40s) first appeared on my radar in 1982 as a human pop sock puppet singing an unlistenable version of Happy Talking from the msucial South Pacific. This killed him in my young and dumb view as worthy of any punk cred, but really proved he didn't give a shit. Criminally, it did stop me from going back and investigating The Damned for decades. Damn you, Raymond (Capt. S's real name).

Anyway, watch this clip. I'm going to hunt down the full length doc to rent or buy as soon as I get the next couple of weeks out of the way.

Thanks to Dave B for the link. He has another feature coming up in Sideburn 26, this time about the film, Werewolves on Wheels. Dave wrote about Psychomania in SB25 and Stone in SB24 and you should check them out. He does the illustrations too. G

UPDATE: Find out more about Don't You Wish You Were Dead? at

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McQmoto said...

Bless 'em, they were (and probably still are fantastic) although I haven't seem them play since they played in Brockwell Park sometime in the early 80s. Entertainment!