Saturday, 17 September 2016

Flat Track BC: Season Ender Bender

Flat track BC isn't Before Christ. No one is racing around the track in a hebrew tunic and sandals on a push-along balance bike with wooden wagon wheels. Well, I'm pretty sure they're not, that might be happening in Hoxton.

No! It's British Columbia, beautiful BC, over there on the west coast, perched on top of Washington state like a stately owl in fake Raybans, sitting on top of totem pole of confusion.

This region of Canada is a place full of good people with the common decency to retain the word British in the name of their region.

Anyway, the've got a great race scene going on, fast at the top, welcoming at the bottom. Their final race of the season is coming up soon. Our old mate Grant Robinson helps make it all happen, and he got his dirt track start back at Dirt Quake 1, so it shows how that is an event that keeps giving. Go to for more info. G

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