Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Dirt Quake V by Motor Rausch

See more of the German photographer's Dirt Quake V album. Thanks for the great photos, Motor Rausch.

(above) Sideburn 26 cover bike, El Solitario's Pluto, and Sideburn blog contributor, Hubert 'Marge' Bastie.
Lovely Dimitri on his way to win the W&W Harley class on the gorgeous Shaw's Mert Lawwill Sportster
 Michael Herman's Kawasaki stroker
 Don't forget to get our questions in for the next instalment of Ask Guy
 Dirt Quake virgin, Carl Fogarty
 Sideburn ed remembering to put keep his elbow up
Blog contributor, John Harrison
Richard Rowden and Drogo Michie, plus one of the Greenfield Girls, on DTRA Friday.
 The Stags' Conway Castle, letting his hair down
 Happy punters
 The Brinkmobile
Hubert v David El Solitario

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