Friday, 21 October 2016

Worms To Catch

Long-term Sideburn supporter and regular columnist, Guy Martin has a new autobiographical book, Worms To Catch, out this week.

Wait a minute, you're thinking. Didn't he have an autobiography out a couple of years ago and a follow-up called When You Dead, You Dead?

Well yes, but Guy lives life four times quicker than everyone else and these autobiographies are long-form diaries of one of the most interesting, daredevil, hardcore lives being lived anywhere in the world. This one includes the behind-the-scenes stories of the Wall of Death record, Land Speed record attempts, Transit van at the Silver State Classic, the 2400-mile Tour Divide mountain bike race, Dirt Quake and much more.

The books are available at all good book shops, online and some British supermarkets are doing deals on them.

Not only that. The cover of this soon to be bestseller was shot by Sam Christmas and taken from the Sideburn 26 shoot of Guy's Rob North wall of death bike. Buy Sideburn 26, then buy Worms To Catch.

Guy's own Guy Martin Proper website is selling an exclusive version of Worms To Catch that is personally signed by the rider and had a cover illustrated by Ryan Quickfall. G

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Adam said...

order placed from the 'proper' shop :-)