Sunday, 9 October 2016

Mees wins on Indian FTR750

Jared Mees has already competed in two big, non-championship races on the new Indian FTR750. Last weekend it was Willow Springs, and he was on the podium, this week the half-mile at Perris (the big track, adjacent to the little one more commonly used for flat track) and he won.

These races offer good prize money and attract top riders including Brad Baker on a Dodge Brothers XR750, Briar Bauman on the Zanotti XR750, Jarod Vanderkooi and Kayl Kolkman among others.

If there was any doubt that Mees would be a 2017 title threat straight out of the blocks, that should be dispelled by now.

Remember, Indian have also signed 2016 champion Bryan Smith and 2013 champion Brad Baker to race the new bike. I've been in Harley Town, Milwaukee, all week, pressing for news on their 2017 team and there have been no announcements or even hints about their plans, but they're taking the threat seriously. It might already be too late for 2017 though.

Sideburn favourite Brandon Robinson would be a good fit, but perhaps he's happy with the Kennedy team. The factory team would offer a rare well-paid ride in the world of pro flat track.  G

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