Sunday, 30 March 2008

Complete wash-out

Drove 170 miles to Middlesbrough to race and it got rained off. Complete was of time and diesel.
Could've been worse. Marco Belli flew in from Italy to race the cool new CCM (photos in the future) and his fellow countryman Jacapo Monti and his brother drove from Northern Italy for the race! Poor buggers. In Europe diesel is £1.17 per litre. For Americans that is an incredible 8.84 bucks a gallon. And they will have driven over 2000 miles by the time they got home. For nothing!
I was so p*ssed off I didn't even get my camera out of my bag and there are some smart new bikes on the UK scene.

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Russell said...

aaaawww, bugger.
Didn't realise you were so close -- I was a couple of miles down the A66 at Teeside Autodrome getting dumped on biblically while filming the first round of the British Drift Championship; frozen, pissed wet through and dreaming of a career change...
THEY didn't cancel (worse luck)...