Sunday, 30 March 2008

Hayden scoop

Our friends - Jess and Jeremy at Alpinestars fed us this scoop on the Sunday of the Jerez GP. It's Nicky Hayden (star of SB issue 1) and his new dirt track-lovin' leathers.

Jeremy from Alpinestars says "Attached are images of Nicky and Earl (with Earl in an ‘Earl’s Racing Team T-shirt), a couple of images we took of Nicky in his suit here at Jerez.

I spoke to Earl about the origins of ‘Earl’s Racing Team’ and in case you do not have the background, here is a brief summary that Earl gave me.

The idea came to Earl when he was racing in Enduro competitions in the mid-sixties. He started supporting members of the Hayden family who were primarily dirt track racing. Hence, the logo centres around a 750cc Harley Davidson. Earl’s Racing Team became truly significant when his three boys, Nicky, Roger-Lee and Tommy got into racing, as did his two daughter’s, Jennifer and Kathleen, for a short period. The logo was then adapted to include the boys names and Nicky has incorporated the bike and rider with his own ‘Kentucky Kid’ signature logo which, since Qatar this season, has been carried on the seat of his suit.

A short postscript to this summary, which Earl was very keen to point out was that Earl’s Racing Team, which has supported so many members of the Hayden fraternity over the years is still recruiting and bring on young riding talent. The latest recruit is 12 year old Jake Lewis from Princeton, KY who is continuing the dynasty and showing speed on the local dirt tracks."

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