Friday, 14 March 2008

First race of the season

I've spent all day getting my twin shock Wood Rotax ready for tomorrow's race at Scunthorpe. The short track racers are guests of the Lancashire Junior Grass Track Racing Club. Oh yes, I've hit the big time.
This is my third season. I'm starting to experiment with suspension. I've gone extreme on the rear WP shocks. They're virtually vertical. And I've backed off all the compression on the Yamaha R6 forks. It's a pre-season race so I'm trying stuff out, see if I can tell the difference.
Also, one of the best racers in Europe, Peter Boast, followed me for a few laps when I rode his CRF at a test in King's Lynn. How was I? I asked. Good coming off the turn, apparently, not bad mid-corner, but 'Dead slow' going in. 'Be braver,' he said. I thought I was.
This is what my bike looked like before I bought it. It came with no front end.

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