Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Glamour

Well, it's a little bit after the event, but I seem to have taken Boastie's damning critique of my racing on board and won my first ever race. I think that deserves an exclamation mark. I won my first race! At a cold, foggy and miserable Scunthorpe (in the North of England), I was racing in the B class for racers who hadn't made a UK final, with 11 others. I came third overall. Silverware, oh yes.
I had the support of the other Skooter Farm team members. We were all using this Scunthorpe race as a warm-up for the Short Track UK season.
The biggest help was my mate Jimmy who I sometimes work with. He's a former road racer and understands suspension. He sorted mine right out. The preload, rebound, compression and static sag. It made a big difference. And so did being braver.
Can't wait for the next race.

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Mick_P said...

Christ almighty, I'd like to think the fug in the background is because King Kenny has turned up for a few show races on the TZ. Being Englsih, I know the awful, weather-centric truth.