Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Aldana's new lid

From Don at Metro Racing. Thanks, Don. By the way, there's a great, unseen shot of Aldana, that even Dave himself hadn't seen and couldn't place, in Sideburn 3.

Hey Guys
Here's some top secret spy photos of David Aldana's new Arai Corsair 5. I just finished painting it. He will debut it this weekend at the Neeses, SC and Aonia Pass AHRMA races this weekend.
Ride fast, take chances, Don

I hope he didn't mean 'secret' as in don't show anyone. Too late.

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Giannis said...

Man, why Arai cant produce some classic style helmets, Instant they make some crazy ass designs with Lizards, flowers and other crazy shit!

Old Racers always had the best clean lines designs!