Monday, 20 April 2009

King's Lynn practice

There was a big amateur speedway race on before us and no track prep after they left. I've never seen so much rubber down. The track was like concrete. And fast.

Long shadows. 6.30pm on a beautiful sunny Sunday. We rolled into the middle of the track for the open practice. Go out when you like, come in when you like.

Track. It was like a ploughed car park.

Andy Moore's new bike. Apparently it's a Spanish copy of a Wood Rotax that may or may not have been commissioned by Roberts for his ranch (when he was based in Spain running GP teams). Andy is one of the most stylish riders in European flat track, a pro speedway rider who has been racing grasstrack since he could walk. The bike had a few teething problems, but Andy still rode it so hard he killed a rear Maxxis in ten laps. It takes most people a season. He took my bike out as a benchmark and said it felt great.

Scotty and the Rotax we've been following the build of. He built the frame himself. It is a beautiful job. And he went well, wearing vintage MX-style leather trousers and Barbarians rugby shirt. Nervous before hand, once he got on track he never stopped smiling. Wasn't slow either.

My Wood ready to go. I love this bike.

Tim Stevens' CCM is developing really nicely, showing what can be done on a budget. It had a new £25 megaphone end can.
Look in the background and you can see poor Col B being treated on the track. This is about 15 mins in. He highsided and badly broke his wrist and maybe ankle. Get well soon.

Steven Coles' Honda Hawk with its new Stealth Bomber bodywork. I had a quick spin and it's weird but the thing turns well. It still amazes me he can go so well on it. Steven crashed early, but rode on. At the end of the day he told me he thought he broke a knuckle. This man is scary. Last year he rode with a hole in his arm that a dirty clutch lever poked through. He's like that Marine, Camouflage.

Simon on his ER-6 looking smart. Started very gingerly, but got up to a decent speed before the session ended.

Paul Harrison's Rotax (from an Aprilia). Don't know the chassis, looks like a Wood, too. This guy is deceptively fast.

Boastie's framer. I think he's still getting used to it, preferring to ride his DTX Suzuki. Gorgeous bike though. I hope he starts racing it full-time and abandons the DTX. GI


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Gary , the guy that built the Woods copies for KR was posting recently on , asking if anyone still had one . There's an identifying mark of some sort on the frame as provenance.However,I can't find the post. Maybe worth asking on there?

Regards , Stu

Anonymous said...

Please get a more in depth l√łook at these bikes in the mag!

Anonymous said...

Whats that cracking CCM based on? is it an R30? stock frame? any more info?

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

No, not a R30, but a Rotax powered 604 I think, like Sideburn Ben's, pictured here. GI

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the info, Ill be adding 604's to my endless list of Biketrader searches... god damn i need a place with a garage.