Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bionic wrist

Remember we told you Col Birden crashed at the King's Lynn practice? This shot was taken about five mins before he bit the dust. Well, he's just got in touch to say...

Hi Gary&Ben,
I am sat here catchin up on the Sideburn Blog. It's lookin real good guys! I am now home after my little off at the King's Lynn practice.
I was lookin good and feelin good on my new bike I had built ready for this season, to chase after my national number. I had been out going well but unfortunately I broke my golden rule and went 'Too Fast Too Soon'. I went into turn 1 harder & faster than I ever have done and BANG I hit the lock stops got chucked over the side and landed on my head and left wrist badly.
I took a big hit on the head which may have knocked some sense into me, but I doubt it!!!
My wrist is now Bionic, rebuilt with Titanium to make me go faster. God I am going to miss this season, it's going to be the biggest and best ever.
I will be back as I have really got this Flattrackin bug. The bikes,The Racing, The people,The scene, I love it all!
Please can I order Sideburn 3,Yet another Sideburn sticker sheet 1 and if possible 4 of the Red Sideburn logo stickers for my box trailer and bike? If you sort out how much I owe you I will bring the cash to the season opener and place it in Gary's
sweaty mitts.
Thanks to everyone who helped out at the track following my accident and gave my other half Candy loads of help. You know who you all are!
Take care & enjoy the season opener @ King's Lynn. I will to see you all there!
'Crashtest Col' #57

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Anonymous said...

good to see you today col, glad your on the mend, you were flying that day...
russell scott