Friday, 25 February 2011

BS1 in the Flesh

Finally got to Gaunlet to see BS1. The comments people come out with - even while I was just standing there in the street are classic; especially from the know-it-alls.What ever it is, hung on 23" wheels, it has perfect proportions - based on the H-D Peashooter, and I'd love to take it out for a good trashing. The attention to detail is gob-smacking.
Good job Corlioni. Good job Caleb. BP


Nick said...

Wow! absolutely Gorgeous

mule said...

Best bike ever built in the entire UNIVERSE!

deluxestyling said...

Does it's owner ride it or have plans to ride it on the road?

Sideburn Magazine said...

the whole point of this project is that it is a usable & reliable road-bike, & not an overly precious fragile museum relic or show pony

deluxestyling said...

Saw the design/build up on Cro Customs blog and they are total geniness.
Just wondered if I was going to see it ripping up a London street.

cro said...

Oh cool! thanks for the kind words. Really proud of the bike, awesome to work with my good friend Conrad. Great experience. Hopefully, we'll have something more to do around the corner.