Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dutch Flat Track

The Euro flat track racers are supporting the long track championships at Groningen this weekend. Fast track, 20 cool bikes, Dutch Brothers, Co-Built boys, Wilky Skooter Farm and his XR750! More details here. G

UPDATE: Co-Built will have some copies of Sideburn issue 8 for sale at this event. Go find them.


Captain Highside said...

Wilky on the XR? Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Give it both barrels Pete!

stevie coles said...

heres hopin for sum camera mounted bike footage of that meeting!!.
give it sum stick uk posse!!.
"and travis"!!.

Anthony Brown said...

I will try for you stevie

Drakey72 said...

At last wilky, somewhere to let her rip. Have fun fellas and good luck!