Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Racefit: Legends

Racefit HQ. Their £250,000 pipe bender dominates the ground floor.
The Black Arrow has been on a spa break to Racefit. That means I've had two visits, one to drop off, one to collect. Always a pleasure. These are the drop off photos. G
ZX-10R with alloy race tank and fancy swingarm.
Neat ZRX racer with new Ti Racefit pipe.
Racefit Spondon Zed. Dee-lish-us!
Great bit of UK bike history - GS1000 tail with Pip Higham sticker. I met Pip a few times years ago and he was always very entertaining.
GSX-R with Racefit Mega.
Owner/riders. The red jacket is an Interstate that co-owner and chief welder Phil wore on his turbo GSX 20 years ago. This lot have history and style.
Titanium paddock stands in production. Featherlight, wonderful and £240. Two ways of looking at that. It's 200 quid more than a cheap one, but it's not that expensive when you consider stamped-out in China 'GP Replica' gloves are sold for £200 now. Anyway, they're gorgeous bits of kit for the man with everything.
The Black Arrow considers its options.

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RichM said...

very very cool. You gonna have a front mudguard? Round headlight or bubble fairing?