Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sideburn x Dirty Needle Embroidery Tierra Patch

I met Tierra McElroy and her husband Cody when I went to Portland for the One Motorcycle Show in January 2013. Not long after that Tierra, only 25 years old, contracted a rare and almost unknown auto immune disease that took out her kidneys, meaning she has a life of dialysis ahead of her and, living in America, some serious medical bills. Cody takes up the story...

'I decided that since I'll be at home taking care of her for an unforeseeable amount of time I may as well make money off my art, so I can take close care of her... I took up making patches (being an avid patch collector).'

Wanting to help Tierra and Cody I commissioned a one-off patch that would then be made into a machine-made short production run.

All the profits from these beautifully-made patches will go directly to Tierra McElroy's medical fund.

Get your Sideburn Tierra patch. £7.50 (plus post)

Plus, anyone buying one of these patches will be put into a prize draw to win a Brixton Gallow cotton and leatherette jacket (with zip-off sleeves). that has been customised by Dirty Needle Embroidery with a Cafe Creep handmade one-off patch. It is MEDIUM. No other prizes. Prize drawn 1 May, 2015.
Anyone can order a one-off patch from Dirty Needle Embroidery. Find him on instagram @dirtyneedleembroidery

If you would like to send any money directly to Tierra's fund, and I know some people do things like that, use Pay Pal: Tea.Air.Ah@gmail.com


Unknown said...

Hey Cody and Tierra

Just bought the patch and thought I'd send on this site I am part of. I am an artist and was contacted by one of the group members to submit my art as it resonated with her. Perhaps you can join and it will be a springboard for yours.


All the best!


Hairy Larry said...

That's an awesome patch...man...now I gotta go figure out that Paypal thingy again...